Reality is only the lens you choose to look through.

- CreativeSundays

About Us

As we grow older we tend to lose our creative knack. Something we are bursting with when we were young. There's no reason for us to lose that spark. We just become more..."grown up".

At CreativeSundays we believe that you shouldn't have to choose between being "grown up" and being creative, and give you the opportunity to let loose at the weekend. We help you wipe away that dust covering your creativity and help you re-discover the inner creativity in you.


Provide a platform that empowers everyone to socially collaborate and creatively engage.

Partner with individuals to build ideas and take them to the next level through a guided process.

Our Sessions

We hand pick and match our groups to formulate the best mix of creatives from a diverse range of industries:


The journey begins on a Sunday; collaborating and creating through a uniquely flexible process. This is where we conceive our ideas!


Your journey can continue. The ideas are roasted through a vigorous process of validation. We use a mixture of industry best practices and our own unique methods.


The ideas that survive the roasting are visually prototyped (UX/UI).


Finally, surviving the gauntlet results in the developement of the idea, bringing it to life.

How it works?

1. Once you sign up you become a creative member.

2. You will then be notified when a match has been made for you to join a creative session.


Our Team

Our team is organically growing as we work and partner with some of the best experts in the field.

Justin Lai


Developer with an eclectic skill set combined with a strong tech Marketing background. Passionate about connecting and helping people achieve their goals.

Harry Copley


Ex-pro tennis player turned entrepreneur. Interested in the inevitable changes that can disrupt a marketplace with the right resources and know-how.

Josh Turner

CreativeSunday Lead

Collaborator, innovator and qualified Mathematics teacher with a keen interest in how technology can impact learning and bring creativity back to the forefront of education

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